Video Blogging

Video is becoming more important online as fast Internet connections become commonplace and download charges drop. The use of video to help sell online merchandise is increasing, video blogs are becoming more common and, with technology advancements such as video-playing iPods, the future is bright for online video.

One of my favourite shows is, an amusing, three minute look at news each work day. The show has Amanda Congdon as the anchor, with Andrew Baron behind the scenes, and was recently featured on an episode of CSI. You know your video show’s doing okay when it’s featured on CSI! is looking at ways to monetize the show, and they’re currently running an eBay auction for an ad spot at the end of their show. The ads will run over a period of 5 days.

Interestingly, says:

"We will work closely with the winner to make sure that their message will resonate with our viewers in a beneficial way for the winner. The bidder understands, however, that Rocketboom will have complete control over the commercials that we create."

According to AdRants, Baron has written in with a clarification:

"The advertiser will relinquish all control. If we get a high bidder, they will pay us right away. Then we will make the ads and play them on Rocketboom whether they like the ads or not. They will understand that by placing a bid, they give up complete control to us to do what we will."

Ouch! The team want the advertiser to pay, but will deliver any ad that suits them. They’re kidding themselves!

Sure, they want the ad to maintain a consistency with the branding and style they’ve achieved with their show, but asking an advertiser to "Trust us" after forking over a heap of cash probably isn’t going to work. Time will tell!