ZohoWriter – Virtual Online Word Processing

Just Visited www.zohowriter.com and tried this ZohoWriter Web Application. Of course it’s powered by Ajax. I must say they did some Impressive Works. What it is actually? Ok here you go…
New! online tool to create a document, edit in your way, and share with anyone
How can you benefit from Zoho Writer?
  1. Access from Anywhere
    You can access, edit, share your documents from anywhere
  2. Share, don’t attach
    With Zoho Writer, you can share your documents with your friends or publish them for public view.
  3. Generate PDF/DOC/HTML
    Documents created in Zoho Writer can be exported as PDF/DOC/HTML files
  4. Create and edit document in your way
    Create, edit or re-format
    your document using our WYSIWYG editor
  5. Load your existing documents
    You can import Microsoft Word or Openoffice document format
  6. Post to your Blog
    your document into your blogs like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and Live Journal from Zoho Writer.
  7. No more duplicates
    Zoho Writer allows versioning. No need to keep multiple copies
  8. Multi lingual Support
    Zoho Writer provides support for multiple languages. You can write documents in your mother tongue
Want to Know More ..

The Files Panel Where You Can See all Your Files
Editing Panel WYSIWYG Interface.. Similer to Your Word Processor
Import Document Interface – You can also able to import plain text files addition to Word and OpenOffice Documents.
Share Documents with your friends by sending mail to them – Also able to give Read/Write Access
Publish to Your Blog Directly – Supports Populer Blog Services as well as Custom MetaWebLog and Blogger API based custom Blogs.
Share or Publish the Document Public – Accesible via URL
Add the List of Your Public Documents on your Blog or Website Via Simple script.
E-mail the Document to anyone either inline or as attachments, multiple formats available for the document
This feature will allow you to post docs on your ZohoWriter account using a special alias. So that You can Create a document by send an e-mail. This feature is similer to the service provided by www.Blogger.com
Export Your Document in Multiple formats as you need
Zohowriter makes autosave and keeps history of your document automatically so that you can compare, review, revert to any version you want.
The Document Side Panels also provide useful navigation, search functions as well as managing Custom Templates and Shared Documents.

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