How To Save Flash Videos From YouTube/GoogleVideo

Do You Know YouTube or Google Video Live.. Yes the Next Generation of Online Video Streaming system. It’s So Cool to watch but sometimes we want it so BAD. Wanna Save or Collect it. Of course not so many straight way to do this.. Well There are some workarounds.. Found a Great Tip from Titan.CC Blog.. Really admire his writing

Every video posted in YouTube ( has its own video identification name.

For example, “Mz-bg6IjHbQ” is for the video titled “The Yes Men – McDonald’s and World Trade Organization”.

To watch a video, the URL is shown as:

To save the video, first change the URL to:

* Notice the difference in the URLs. Instead of “watch.php?v=”, it is now “get_video.php?l=165&video_id=”.

Save the webpage. Since most web browsers would automatically default saving the page with .html filename extention; it needs to be changed to .flv (Flash Video) filename extention.

* The best way to save the file is email the modified link to yourself and use the "save link as" function within your email program.

Flash video players like Martijn de Visser’s FLV Player can play .flv files fine.

To convert .flv files into other formats, such as .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mov, or .rm, use CinemaForge.

It is also important to mention that each time video format is converted; the video’s quality would change.

If anyone has information about how to save videos from Google Video, please feel free to comment.

Update: YouTube/Google/Ifilm/Grinvi Downloader created by Francisco Javier Moya Suarez.

YouTube/Google/Ifilm/Grinvi Downloader