Google local business ads BETA

Google local business ads BETA

Google AdWords is introducing local business ads, a new ad type that allows advertisers to promote location-based products and services to interested users worldwide (note: this service is available for business locations in the U.S, Canada and the U.K.). Local business ads appear with an enhanced map component on Google Local and in a text-only format on and other sites in the Google network.

Why local business ads?

Google’s goal is always to offer users relevant information through our search results and advertising. Local business ads can help users by showing them products and services that are physically nearby, and help advertisers by providing a new way for them to reach more local customers.

What’s more, both small businesses and large chains can easily target multiple locations within a single Ad Group using the same keyword list – yet another way of targeting more customers more effectively.

How it works

Whenever a user enters a query that matches advertisers’ chosen keywords and business information, up to three local business ads may appear as "Sponsored Links" below the user’s Google Local search results. The ads display in two parts: a highlighted listing in the search results column and a map marker that expands to show additional business details when the user clicks on the ad title or the marker itself.

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