TeamSlide – Fast, Lowcost Web Presentation Solution

TeamSlide has just been launched has many of the features of the other services (WebEx, Placeware, GoToMeeting), is much easier to use (no plugins or other software for host or attendees) and is a fraction of the price. It does require a server side easy installation.

A normal use of WebEx, Placeware, GoToMeeting, etc. is a sales and marketing call. The host, or presenter, sets up the call using WebEx software. The attendees click a link in an email at the scheduled time, and everyone is joined in a virtual meeting. The host is able to share applications (powerpoint, browser, pdf etc.) and make the show running.


A drawback of all of the existing services is price and the need for browser plugins for both hosts and attendees. WebEx and Placeware both have a pricing range of $300 – $375/month, and GoToMeeting is a minimum of $50/month. Killing part of these services are the usage costing. On the other hand Teamslide doesn't require a software or plugin on the both parties (host or attendees). It is powered by Web 2.0 or Ajax technology which is blazing fast that means the host or attendees require just a browser with javascript support.

Teamslide is targeted for web presentations. And they have developed their own plugin for Microsoft Powerpoint. . Which actually converts your slides within a click. It generates a zip containing the slides so that you can upload it right away. This service is similer to Thumbstacks which i've previously mentioned. You can say it's a limitation or a feature of Teamslide that it is meant for Slideshows Cool

Want to Take a Peek inside of TeamSlide .. See more details of the service in their demo

Below here i'm going to post a small guide on setting it up and running in no time.

Once you've purchased the package from Teamslide, you'll receive a zip package contain the server script and the powerpoint plugin. Here is what you need to do.

1. Unpack the files into a folder (eg. C:\Teamslide )

2. Install the Powerpoint Plugin using the installer (.msi).

3. Upload all the content of the TS  folder into your webhost (use any free FTP client). so your url will be something like

Note : In some cases you'll need to set permissions for few folder in your web hosting directories. (Follow the instructions inside the zip they provide for you)

4. Check Your server requirements using . If everything went well on checkup then move to next step.

5. Goto to start setup.

Fill up the Forms according to your needs.

6. After that you'll be inside the admin control  panel of Teamslide where you can upload your presentation sets and invite your attendees.


7. Go to your Powerpoint Presentation you want to present online, on the view mode click on the TeamSlide Button to generate a zip file.

teamslide5.jpg teamslide6.jpg

8. Now Back to your online control panel click the link "Upload Slideset" and select the file you've just created. Then Click upload to begin upload the file. Once done.. You'll see the uploaded slideset on your left bar


9. Now you're ready to Rock N Roll so lets invite someone to see .. Enter an e-mail address at the "Enter invitation email address(es):" field then press the invite button..

10. Here how the e-mail looks like to the attendee(s).


11. The Attendee click on the E-mail link to perticipate at the show


Then the attendee logged in with the invitation code  and he joined the show


Well that's it for today. Enjoy. 

Update: Huge Thanks to Patrick and the Entire Teamslide Team to feature this post on their pages here and here . I enjoyed writing it. But you guys are great cause you've made the application.

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