Goowy – The Inside Look

Previously mentioned goowy has been updated with new features. Well if you don't know yet what goowy is all about then here it is –

What is Goowy?

  • Manage your personal communications including advanced email, contacts, calendar, and integrated instant messaging (Just Released 2GB for free) all from one place anytime, anywhere.
  • Organize your digital content using our virtual file storage (Just Released 1GB space for free). Upload your music, pictures, documents and more. Access and share your files from any computer.
  • Get all of your information from across the web in one place by using our Minis for weather, news, rss, flickr, itunes, audio, video, bookmarks, to do, stock quotes and more!

The Interface has been redesigned and now more user friendly and nicer look. Lets go though their new niche interface.


The Goowy Toolbar, Quick access to your tools 


The All new Goowy Desktop, Access all your tools easily from here. 


Your Goowy MailBox, Now offering 2GB of space


Get all your RSS feeds in one page.. Add your favorite news and blog feeds and stay updated to the moment.. The minis .. Really you're gonna love it. Managable + drag and  drop.


All new Instant messaging integration.. Get all your friends in one place.. (Similer to Meebo) MSN, Yahoo and AOL.. Features Popup box for messages with notified sounds.


Note: Possible Problem MSN nicks appeared as


Virtual Storage for your files (1 GB for Free accounts ).. Free file hosting powered by

Note: I had trouble uploading files from office networks such as (MS ISA server  authenticated by domain) tested from firefox.


An wide selection of games to your fingertips.


Easier and much more detail inside contact managment.


Now you can import your contacts from your favorite providers or use csv files 


Calendar has more flexibility .. assign attendees and manage your schedules


Now it's possible to connect to any POP3 e-mail providers.. Also gmail, yahoo and MSN


Customise or create your own backgrounds and skins


More options for setup the interface.. Now more flexible and easy. 

Well these are few of the Great features of Goowy.. So check it out and post your opinion here.. I would love to know.