Blu-ray DVD drives

Panasonic just announced that they will be shipping their LF-MB121JD Blu-ray Disc drive for PCs (not to be confused with their DMP-BD10 player expected in September) in OEM, regular, and slimline slot-loading form factors, starting 10 June with support for 13 BD / DVD / CD formats. The drive delivers on both 25GB and dual-layer… Continue reading

Shopify – ECommerce Made Easy

Add your products, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders, all without needing a geek in the family Shopify is a Hosted service. You don't have to worry about your hosting or ssl certificates. Shopify will take care of those. Why is Shopify Hosted? Hosting Shopify allows us to improve the software more… Continue reading

ScrapBlog – Online Scrapbooks

Your Photo Blog of Scrapbooks Like most people, we love to share our photos. Online sharing has improved exponentially in the recent years and even months, but it's time to start having fun with your pictures online. Enter Scrapblog! The only site that merges the creativity and storytelling capabilities of scrapbooking with the publishing and… Continue reading