KSolo – Karaoke, Sing, Record, Share with Friends

KSolo – Karaoke, Sing, Record, Share with Friends


kSolo.com is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate online karaoke singing experience. The site is the first Web based sing along application to allow users to sing, record, and playback personalized renditions of their favorite songs.

Using state of the art streaming and recording technology, the site presents the highest audio and recording quality with the most advanced sharing capabilities available today. This, with ease of use, provides customers with a fun, complete and exciting online karaoke experience suitable for all music lovers.

The kSolo multi-featured online player, delivers sing along lyrics, recording capabilities and sharing capabilities – all you need is a mic, speakers and… a pair of lungs…

Other functions include listening to audio version, instrumental versions and more.

kSolo is an entirely legal online karaoke service. It has established agreements with leading music publishing companies, allowing access to thousands of titles enabling kSolo to keep a rich and updated song catalog you can search and browse from. You may bookmark and store recordings and may showcase your talent and choose to receive peer critique by participating in the performer showcase.


So… whether you're looking to sing in private or are looking to sing karaoke online for an audience, kSolo is the stage for you!!!

NOTE: It doesn't support browsers other than internet explorer 5.01 or above. Hmm.. thats wired. It's NOT Free .. 7 Days Trial