Top 10 Gadgets You Can Actually Afford


Not all gadgets are affordable. But sure you can have your own if you look for the ones can meet your prices. SciFi blogs has published an exclusive review on which gadgets you can afford. Worth a Look.

…it's time to stop playing Trump and return to this thing called "reality." This decidedly thriftier zone isn't such a bad place, since there are plenty of gadgets out there priced for the everyman (and his poorer cousin, the college student). And inexpensive isn't the same a cheap. Shopping on the discount side of tech doesn't necessarily mean you have to compromise on your gadgets' features, as our frugal selections prove. A couple of our listmakers have price tags that aren't exactly in discount-bin territory, but when you consider the value you're getting for your dollar, they're big-time bargains in their categories. So proudly empty the loose change in your pockets and click on the jump to see what you can do with it….

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