The Thumbdrive War – 8gb 16gb

Now a days thumdrive is become a part of our car key or house key chain. Everyday we need it at office, home and friends computers. Now there are some big daddys of thumbdrives entering the market which might interest you.

IOCell CellDisk  


Iocell has the solution, with the 16GB CellDisk, currently the largest flash drive available. Well it's time to make a bootable XP drive with it and carry around wherever you go. The price of this not yet announced but i'm wondering whether it'll cost a monthly BMW paymentSealed

Buffalo's latest USB key packs 8 gigs


The RUF2-R8G-S manages to squeeze the gigs into a 0.75 x 3.6 x 0.55 enclosure, and promises 32MB/s write and 27MB/s read speeds over USB 2.0. No word on price yet.

8GB DiskGO USB flash drive


The latest, Edge's 8GB DiskGO, matches last month's JetFlash in capacity, weighs in at half an ounce, and undercuts the JetDrive with a price of around $600(usa),

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