TeamSlide – Ajax Web Presentation toolkit Getting Updated

I've Previously wrote about the TeamSlide – Web based presentation management tool . Today Patrick from Teamslide Team informed me that they are going to release the New Version 1.8.8 Tomorrow, souped up with new features and more robustness. They have integrated some of most advanced ajax technologies that made the product more powerful and presentable to audience. Today they have updated their website. Lets go forward and take a look in the Highlights of the New Version.

SkyPE integration (Basic):

Now you can able to send a message or initiate a call to a skype user right from the presentation. Perticipants can join and discuss about the slide. take a look below:

teamslide - make skype calls

teamslide - call a perticipant directly

Remote URL (suggest a link to participants) :

Presenter is now able to send a specific url or link to the current perticipants. It's a great way to let the perticipants visit or refer to a specific url.

teamslide - suggest  a remote url

Remote Highlight (use a pointer or draw a rectangle or both to highlight something on a slide):

This is one of the most useful new features introduced in this version where The Presenter is able to Highlight and Draw realtime on the slide which will be visible to all of the perticipants of the slide..

teamslide - highlighted rectangles realtime

Additionaly the Script was improved to be more cross-platform friendly. As for Example now TeamSlide supports IE6, Safari, FireFox and server requirements are more flexible, improved support for IIS and PHP 5 based servers. Rendering is more faster.

TeamSlide is Available at a very affordable Price. You can check other similer services which are not affordable at all. Why not you check their website by yourself. They have an impressive demo which is already setup over their site. So that you can play around with the demo to know more.