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I'm sure some of you already been familier with , , , , , and so on. But as time passes by you require features and security that doesn't come up with the above mentioned sites. I've been to all of the above mentioned sites, well… they are not able to meet my requirements.. I was looking for flexibility, security, storage, blogging, streaming, customization and distribution options. Then i went to multiply . Day by day i study it. They have some unique feature that really impressed me on far extent while others can't even go near to it. Multiply is social network with a great combination of security and distribution measures. multiply has a ajax/web 2.0 based interface which is another unique thing you can't just forget of.

Lets look at the summary of features multiply offers.

  1. Trusted peoples network, who are always updated with your changes
  2. Share your thoughts, blog it, send to your friends who are not even member of
  3. Share your music collection, make own collection of albums, share with your friends, both online streaming and downloads are available.
  4. Share your video collections, many format uploads possible but either 10mins length or 100mb in size, faster uploads, streaming through flash FLV format.. like youtube and others. Share your video using the embed code to other websites.
  5. Easily import videos from Youtube, Google video and others.
  6. Share your high resolution photos and camera pictures, make unlimited number of albums, make slideshow, customize album skins.
  7. Photos and albums can be imported from various online photo hosting such as Yahoo photos, Flickr, Live Spaces, Kodak gallery, shutterfly or from any websites.
  8. Share your favorite links and websites.
  9. Share your Events.
  10. Make your own marketplace (limited)
  11. Write reveiws about you coffee, movies, tv shows, photos, music or virtually anything.
  12. Import Your Blog Entries from various popular blog hostings such as, windows live spaces, and more.
  13. Customize your profile with CSS.
  14. Flexible notifications systems via e-mail.
  15. RSS syndication.
  16. Multiple upload options
  17. E-mail posting on the beta stage but i've tested its a featured option that everyone need.
  18. Create and join groups, groups are customizable via CSS too.
  19. You can comment on almost anything.
  20. All of your posting features TAGS and sharing options.
  21. Cross posting with your account. So when you post at multiply it'll be automatically posted to your one or more blogs at
  22. Powerful search features.
  23. Robust Navigation options. The homepage allows you to navigate changes from your Contact, you contacts close contacts, contact's contacts related and distance peoples.
  24. Very specific network building options, contact definitions can be very specific like contact is your friend or maybe your brother in law etc etc.
  25. Detailed profile editing options.
  26. The homepage is like a newspaper about your friends and networks and personal messages. Home page filtering also available.
  27. Rollover info on mouse over to any contacts.
  28. Several Layout Options
  29. Almost all the posts and comments supports basic HTML
  30. No Phishing Possible because it cuts of the script codes
  31. You can always define who can see your posts and who cannot. In that way some post which are meant for friends will be visible to friends but not to your family or relatives. Possible to make custom lists of contacts or contact groups.
  32. Clean presentation and Top navigation bar will bring you anywhere in multiply.
  33. Include yourself in Google search. Multiply is highly indexed by google and other leading search engines.

Well These are few to name.. Now you can see a clear picture of why should you choose multiply and not other public networks like myspace or something. Now a days network like myspace you can't trust cause full of scams and lies. Just take a look at the search results .  I'm going to put a pictorial of the key things of multiply. So for a visual interview of multiply …Just sign up for a multiply account. In no time you will be presented with a verification e-mail and you can just log-on to Once you login you'll be moved to your "My Multiply" Where you can see all the updates from your contacts and which post has how many replies, how many new and of course who posted it.

Multiply Home Options 

My Multiply Explained .. click to enlarge

This is an example of your "My multiply" home after you logon. It also features a tag cloud of your network and updates from the multiply stuff.
Tag Cloud and Staff Blog Updates

Clicking on "My Network" will Bring you to your contacts page. You can see right here who is who in your network, your direct and indirect contacts..

m03.jpg m04.jpg

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