rCache – Make Your own repository

rCache is a caching tool. It's designed to use with firefox browser as an extension, which is that always-there place to store data that you want to refer back to. Bookmarks and saving web page data to your computer's disk can be messy and slow processes. Your data is stored on your hard disk tends to be unorganized.

rCache frees you from this, by giving you your own research repository online – where you can store articles, blog postings, documents and images. Tagging and full-text keyword searching is a snap. You can store data that you may want to cite in your research, white paper, article or your own blog posting.

rCache currently offering the features below:

Collect data from web pages, PDFs, Word Documents and other resources.
Index all of this data in a searchable, browsable database.
Tagging of Entries makes pinpoint filtering easy.
Filter your data by the Entry's source domain name.
Search your data by keyword or phrase.
RSS: Use an RSS reader to keep track of your most recent Entries or any tag based lookups into your data.
Collaborate: Give colleagues access to your research data, with restrictions based on tags or keyword searches.

Lets take a look inside it..

rCache Collector Firefox™ Extension

collecting data process

rCache Detail Screen

detail screen

rCache Search Engine

All of the text in your rCache database is indexed and searchable. rCache sorts the results by relevance.

search engine

Get a rCache Account . Download the FireFox Extension and start collecting and making your own data collection.