REKO – Socialize the Links


REKO is a tool designed to track most popular sites you visit, it finds other users who have similar browsing habits. So it can make similar like minded peoples bring closer in a network. REKO uses FireFox 2.xx web browser and it comes as an extension. The Firefox add-on sends REKO the domain names of the sites you visit. It then adds these to your profile and compares them with other users to find people with similar browsing habits. These users are your neighbours, you can view their profiles to see what other sites they are visiting. REKO also allows you to upload OPML files. If you have an RSS reader, export your OPML file to find RSS reading neighbours! REKO utilises Alexa related links to give you related links based on your top browsing websites.

Reko Networking

You will need a free account before you start using REKO. (You will need at least FireFox 2.x )