Ballhype – Collection of Blogs for the Sports Fans


Ballhype is a collection and collaboration of sports fans blogs. Currently they are tracking over 1,600 blogs for sports events, photos, videos, articles and news. It came up with a story interface which is similar to Digg. Ballhype features a dashboard and games browsing system. You can signup for free and can have your own blogs and postings. You can hype a story, find new information about games. Sadly it only supports US locales means it has been designed and target to us market. So asian and european fans stay out of Ballhype. Actually if you look deep into it, it's a common social networking tool just as same as some social networking sites like friendster and so and so.

They pull in content from thousands of sports blogs. If other writers are linking to a story, it gets surfaced to the top of the list as newsworthy. If enough Ballhype users hype it up, the story will make it to the home page.

You can also write your own post or submit a story that you think should be required reading. We make it incredibly easy to find good stuff to submit. Just check out the Hot Topics (posts grouped by topic) or Latest Posts (all posts written by any blog we track filtered by tag).

Well I have a question for you. Signup and Click hype on a story for as many times as you like… It's kinda wired… but yeah it might be the next stop for the sports fans around the world but they need to work on it.

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