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MyMuv is a interesting web 2.0 site which tracks lifestyle changes and trends. It shows you the most popular trends in your area and in the rest of the world. For instance you want a opinion or give a opinion about 2 similar things. You post your muv and let others contribute, vote and comment it. So you will be able to identify which one is the best. Making decisions isn't as easy as it used to be! There are so many options out there and often you end up wishing there were some way we could compare them and know what people think is the best. After all, everyone says their stuff is the best. And we figured, if we're confused by all those choices, so are others! You can search and add buddies within your profile so that you can build your own network around you. It's also a great place to know and explore about new trends. When you explore a muv in detail you could see the location on the google map and additionally it will list down all possible related muvs. mymuv lets you start by posting your lifestyle changes (muv) and let others decide if your muv is happening or cool by participating along. You may post comments and opinions on muvs, keep track of muvers on your Watch List. They have a interesting interface similar to popular digg but with a twist of comparing and voting. Signup is simple and easy. Lets take a look inside it.

Sample detail of a muv.

a sample detail of a muv

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Mymuv is certainly worth a try and a place to gain knowledge and opinions.