Symbaloo – Simple yet effective search concept


Symbaloo is a new concept for searching things over the internet. Simple way to search the internet. Users can easily find information about: websites, videos, traveling, music, TV, medical, movies, phone numbers, translations, flight tickets, recopies, traffic, weather, and many other handy things that users look for on their daily dose of internet. Now it is accessible within a single click. Additionally users can add their own content links to Symbaloo, as example: blog feeds, news pages, media services and various other things. Symbaloo supports drag & drop functionality so it is fun and easy to modify the page in the bast & convenient way for a user to use it. Removing an item is simple, just drag it to the middle of the page. Blocks can be exchanged positions between each other. Powered by ajax and Web 2.0 Symbaloo could be a busy persons web startup page. Those who doesn't like the concept of leading Web 2.0 startup pages like or Netvibes, they most probably love the concept of Symbaloo.

What Symbaloo might want to do:

  1. Add user registration system, maintain user profiles
  2. Give an option for the users to select their language and area
  3. Integrate more Gadgets, Gmail mail topics display
  4. Integrate RSS reader
  5. Ability to add pages
  6. Notifier icons for updated feeds
  7. Display search results in an Internal ajax window

add new content to symbaloo