Hictu – Keep your contacts updated in style

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Hictu is a new Web application which allows users to provide and receive availability information about their contacts. Through a one-to-one, secure authorization mechanism users can invite their contacts and in just few minutes retrieve a useful set of information regarding their availability and communication means. It supports majority of communication platforms for each of your contacts, you can keep your contacts updated through Post including audio, video, text and RSS feed changes.

Hictu can record from your microphone or webcam directly using Adobe flash technology.

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Once your friends accepts the invitations from you you will be able to see their communication preferences

hictu how the contacts works

Features Hictu currently missing out is : 

  1. Selectively display updates from Selected contacts or from Public
  2. Scheduled posting of messages
  3. Add import options to import from popular webmail platforms
  4. Ability to create a group contacts, as example: family, relatives, friends, co-workers etc.
  5. Interface improvement
  6. Synchronize with Twitter or similar applications
  7. Post via E-mail, post something just sending a secret e-mail alias.
  8. Photo attachment in posts