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Jaiku is another  web presence site which you might have already seen in similar services like Twitter and Pownce. There are a few variations of Twitter in different languages. Previously I've wrote about Twitter. Twitter clouded the whole internet in a very short time. Jaiku is offering something which is like twitter but with some additional functionality. Lets take a look what Jaiku is offering currently.

Jaiku Features:

  1. Web based presence posting, similar to Twitter but Jaiku offers Emotion icons.
    jaiku icons for posts
  2. Jaiku offers channels, which is something like groups.
    jaiku channel example
  3. Jaiku helps you to add RSS feeds in your jaiku account so that whenever you update your blog or photos then it'll be posted as a message in Jaiku posts. Many kind of Web feeds are supported.
    jaiku web feeds
  4. Jaiku also have flash badges to embed your Jaikus in your blog or any other place where you can insert Embed Codes.
    jaiku flash badges

These are only some of the features explained but my personal experience I found Jaiku is a bit more faster than Twitter. And yes the mobile posting works even from this country. You can activate your phone to enable posting to Jaiku. Jaiku Developers group Devku already offering API for people to integrate Jaiku in their services or applications. API is divided into 3 types, Simple RSS (read only) , JSON format and XML-RSS format.

At this moment Jaiku offers dynamic mobile applications for mostly Nokia N and E series phones – those that run the S60(3rd ed) OS only. But it would be great if they support other Brand of Phones too. Oh yes one more thing is, it's quite complicated if you want to invite bunch of your friends to Jaiku. I'm looking forward that they will find a easier way to make the invitation interface much easier.

Give Jaiku a Try.

Note: as you can see below the development team is looking forward to make the invitation system far more better 🙂

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