Confiles – Share your Configuration Files

confiles01 Confiles lets you share your common configuration files at ease, you can store your configurations files and share them with other people or access them remotely anytime and from everywhere. Have you ever missed your old xorg.conf or that htaccess file with IP restrictions? Do you use common .INI or XML configurations in many PC/Desktops? Do you often setup different computers in different locations? If so, confiles will be useful for you.

How does it works actually?

confiles02After registering for free you'll be able to login and access your control panel.  There you can upload your configuration or script files, edit or delete them. Also add additional data such as comments or related software. Setting your files as private you can protect critical information (users, IPs, …). Setting them as public you can share them with other people or wget them remotely.

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