JumpKnowledge – Share and Annotate Any Website


A very new concept of annotate any website or url. JumpKnowledge allows you to comment and annotate  any part of a website and share it, e-mail it, send it or even print it with annotation. JumpKnowledge a world without limits, where the web is your canvas and you can paint your thoughts anywhere you want. Lets take a look at the features inside.


  • immediate – add comments to any web page right now
  • multi-page – you can add comments to multiple web pages
  • auto displacement – your comments automatically displace the underlying text, so nothing of the original page is obscured and your comments can be read in context.
  • permanent – even if the web page changes, your comments will be shown with the web page as it looked when you created the Annotation.
  • email the web page with your comments to you friends and colleagues with your own email program
  • you can add the annotation link to your site so that your viewers can annotate your sites.

How to use JumpKnowledge?

Examples of Annotated Web Pages:

  • blog – critique news articles or other sites and link the Annotation back to your own blog or web site, like in this example.
  • compare & contrast – use soft links (square brackets) to cross-reference any part of your Annotation to any other part, like in this example.

Join and Try by yourself. It's free.

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