Lijit lets you create your own social search engine


Lijit, the missing piece of Google site search and a overhauled combination of Google’s custom search engine. Usually when we think about doing search on the web the first search engine comes to our mind is Google. But there are situations when Google actually provides a lot of search results and it could be a time consuming matter to find the trusted results you were actually looking for. Let me put up a scenario, let’s say I would like to buy a digital camera, who would i ask first? I would look into my contacts, call up my colleague or a friend who is actually using digital camera for a while. I would naturally  honor his/her opinion and thoughts into my consideration. Lijit made it possible to work the Google search in such manner. Lijit actually do a search on the people and the networks you related to and bring up the socially connected results to you. So when you search using Lijit using the topic camera, it search through your blog networks, friends, your social networking site, your bookmarks and more. Lijit provides an impressive search network creation dashboard where you can define and manage your trusted social networks connections. Basically you are creating your own search engine that searches your blog, bookmarks, photos, blog roll, and more. By offering the Lijit Search Wijit on your blog, readers can search all of YOU. In turn, Lijit gives you detailed statistics about those searches, so you can better understand and serve your reader community. Here is a simple graphical presentation of Lijit network topology


Using the power of people, their content, and their connections, Lijit enhances the way your readers search for and discover information on the internet. You serve as a filter for all of the results your readers could possibly receive, ensuring they only receive the most relevant results from the source they trust…YOU.


Yes, it do works like it works in Real Life.


Lijit Features:

  • Search widget for any kind of websites and blogs
  • Impressive social network inclusion
  • Advanced statistics and charts
  • Multiple content type and multiple network support
  • Wijit (Lijit Search Widget) customization and setup
  • Advanced support for popular blog platforms such as WordPress, additionally they have plug-in for WordPress platform.
  • More than 15 popular social network inclusion setup
  • Easy to use even for novice users
  • It’s actually became viral search
  • Uses Google custom search
  • Helpful and supportive public relations

Would you like to see it in action? Try my personal blog, you will find the widget installed at the right side of my blog. Yes you can make your own custom search engine too. You can sign-up here.

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