Windows Live moving towards social networking


Windows Live (Formally MSN) is moving their products forward to . Lately if you notice changes in windows live beta products you will notice some significant changes. Windows live online applications has been changed, upgraded and added to fit the needs of daily internet users. Personally I’m a MSN Messenger user for a long time (Nope yahoo messenger wasn’t quite feel my needs) and from those days I had MSN and Hotmail address. Even though I’m hardcore Gmail user but my windows live id or MSN hotmail address is still alive the same. Lets take a quick inside tour of the new Windows Live and it’s very new social networking features. More information below..

Features and New Stuff

  • Windows Live Home has been re-designed and it acts more to a social network homepage or dashboard. Hardcore MSN fanatics would be happy for it.
  • To compliment the new windows live messenger beta, windows live home displays the status updates from all messenger contacts.
  • Windows Live Spaces updates from contacts.
  • Display email snippets at Windows Live Home
  • Access to new Windows Live Services such as Photos and SkyDrive.
  • The New SkyDrive offers 25GB for your files and shared by your photos.
  • Integrates the new Windows Live Events. Now you can plan events from windows live and include your messenger and other network friends.
  • Do you still remember the Hotmail calendar, it’s been under good renovation and it has the looks of the outlook 2007. It features multiple calendar layers and calendar sharing in ICS format as you’ve seen this features in Google calendar . In addition to all that there is a new To-Do list integrated with the calendar, plus the calendar is also the part of the new windows live mail.
  • The new Windows live Groups acts as a personal forum. Now you can create groups which is similar to Google groups and collaborate with the people you want to. These groups will be displayed on the New Live Messenger contact list, so it would be a click away to start conversation with the groups members.
  • Windows live spaces also has some upgrades that you might want to check out.
  • The new Windows Live Profile has been changed a lot and it features social networking components such as inclusion of several other social networking services like , WordPress, flickr, StumbleUpon and few more. The Blog RSS inclusion feature is lacking because you can only add RSS for one blog only. Also in future I would prefer to update my MSN or Windows live status via .

These are the few features I’ve described over here. There are more on the new Windows Live. In the war between the it would not be so easy for Windows live to break in and grab the social network scene but they could think about the possibilities to integrate multiple social platforms into their system such as OpenSocial and Facebook for the true convenience for the users. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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