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Tips and Tricks are often useful snippets of Information that helps you work around many kind of situations. Everyday we simplify our lives by using various tips and tricks but mostly we don’t remember to write it down. A simple tip can help others to fix pointless directions or even better. TipsBase is a website allows anyone to publish small tips and tricks and also look for any kind of tips and tricks that other people published. Lets see what are the functions TipsBase provides for you:


  • Allows you to publish your own Tips
  • Keeps a collection of your favorite Tips
  • Allows subscribing to the tips from users
  • Search and find related Tips and Tricks
  • Build a community of Tips and Tricks publishers
  • Rate a tip
  • Only 2 steps to publish your tips
  • Link to video and you blog
  • Picture attachment with the Tip

tipsbase tips listing
Tips listing

Tips posting interface

Tips view

Comments and Rating

TipsBase is fairly new in the market and if they want to move up to the social media ladder they need to improve few things along the way. The things came to my mind are improvement of user interface (yes you guys really need a facelift), privacy, more social networking options etc. I’m pretty sure they have improvement plans along the roadmap. Now the obvious question that popup  in my mind is “How they will be making money out of it?”

Nevertheless, why not you try out TipsBase by yourself and share your opinion here. It only takes a moment to signup, I’ve also noticed TipsBase doesn’t verify the e-mail address, bad thing about that is the spammers can make use of it to post spam as tips.

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