Gazhoo allows you to sell your digital documents online


There are numerous number of shopping cart online for selling your products but not many for selling your digital documents. Gahzoo is a digital content selling system allows you to sell your various digital documents such as PDF documents, PowerPoint presentation templates, Word documents and various image file types. You can set the price of your documents by yourself. Payment processed via PayPal for the convenience.

Here are the features:

  • Preview of documents in adobe flash paper format
  • Uploads and downloads management
  • Purchase credits for your various purchase needs
  • Search items by content type
  • Items Wish list
  • Uploads moderation and verification
  • Withdraw sales money using PayPal

User home page

Content Upload tool

Search by content type

Credit purchase options

Withdraw sales money via PayPal

There must be a catch when they build up a system that allows you to sale your digital documents online. Here is the secret, Gahzoo charges  30% of your gross sale, for example if your total sale is $100 then you will get $70. Every time you upload your contents, a team will review your documents for duplicate and copyrighted content. But I’m just wondering what will happen if there is more than few thousands submissions a day. They might need a hell of a team to do the moderations, authenticity and content verification. Overall it gives a new Idea of selling documents and templates but there is more interface improvement to be done. Have you tried it yet? Yeah, it is free and it took only few seconds to sign up. Try it and let me know what your perspective about the system.

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