Shorten multiple urls into one short url using Krunchd


In this internet world of sharing and passing information, specially via twitter, we need short url services like,, and many url shortening services. And why do we need those url shortening services? Cause twitter couldn’t pass an url more than 140 characters long. The mentioned url shortening services allow you to generate shorter version of a long and almost impossible url. Now we already know there are many url shortening services around but Krunchd came into the picture with a different approach on the scene. Krunchd allows you to generate a short url for multiple urls. So how does that work actually? It generates a short simple url containing links to multiple urls. The generation of short url for multiple urls are fairly simple, take a look below


Insert the urls you want to shrink into one

Select the short url for identifying (automatically checked whether it’s available or not). Leave blank to generate a random named short url

Fill up your e-mail for later modification or describe your collection of links, enter the capcha code and click Krunch button and you are done.

So you’ve generated a short url for your multiple links (example – Now click on the link to see how does it look like.

This is how it’s been presented.

This link is exchangeable via IM, Emails, twitter and almost anywhere you can paste a link. Krunchd send out an email to you if you provide and email address which contains the link to modify and change your url collection. Note that the step 3 is optional but helpful indeed.  Krunchd some urls today? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Personally, I would really like to see some feature such as selective url open with a button action, what I mean is at the landing page of the short url there should be a button to open the links selectively in new window or tabs (depends on the browser configuration). Yes that would be nice. Also I would like to see more editing feature for the short url which sent out to e-mail, such as editing title, tags and description