LiveDrive gives a different approach to store unlimited files online


LiveDrive came out with a different perspective for storing your files online securely. The name might look a little like Windows Live Skydrive which offers 25GB. But LiveDrive, as it’s name remarks itself, provides unlimited space online for storing all your documents, photos, music, videos and any other files in a simple and user friendly interface. The concept of LiveDrive is not to store your data at your computer but store it online for larger aperture of accessibility. I’ve seen a number of file storage systems such as,,, ElephantDrive. They all come with storage but they don’t provide the full concept of online file storage. Lets take a deep look inside.


  • Explorer like user interface
  • Built in Web Applications for editing your photos and documents
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Strong security
  • Synchronization through multiple PCs
  • Send large files to anyone privately
  • Publish files to Facebook and Youtube (Others planned)
  • Mobile and iPhone accessibility
  • Access your files offline
  • Sync with your iTunes music library
  • The LiveDrive desktop application acts as a regular hard drive
  • Access your files from anywhere

The LiveDrive Screen Cast:

The File manager interface

File manager actions

File view and file actions

File sharing options

Automatic file revisions

Web applications for editing your documents and photos

Multiple sequential uploads

FotoFlexer web application for editing photos

Edit documents with Zoho Writer

Send any file via e-mail easily


  • Interface improvements
  • Speed improvement
  • More publishing features
  • More web application integration
  • Social networking options
  • Simpler and less error free sign-up (It took me a while to fill up everything)
  • Hot linking public files
  • Support for MAC and Linux systems


These are only the web based features of the LiveDrive. There are much more options available with the Windows Vista/XP bases desktop application. I like the concept of the application. There are few other web applications like (yes i wrote about it here) but they don’t really have the potential like the LiveDrive. We would like to see more feature in the future. But you can always sign-up (currently free unlimited) and share your own thoughts and experience about the LiveDrive.

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