TweetManager lets you automate tasks of twittering


Twitter is become the inevitably small and quick mini blog publishing platform day to day. There are few hundred twitter web and desktop applications around. TweetManager is one of those useful tools that helps you automate twitter tasks in a very simple manner. Bare in mind Twitter is not only a mini blog system, it’s also a smart branding and marketing tool. It’s sad to see the phishing scams already spanning across twitter too. Here as usual we will go through the screen cast to show you the insides but before that lets take a look into the key features of this twitter web application.


  • Automatically follow twitter users based on keywords
  • Auto reply to any @reply responses
  • Read from a feed and tweet it automatically
  • Mass message all your twitter connections but note twitter has a 1000 direct messages per hour limitation
  • Schedule tweet posts
  • Manage dual twitter account
  • Use of twitter credentials for login

Screens Review:

One of the most handy feature is “autofollow” which is powered by the keywords. It tries to follow the users talking about the specific keywords. It helps you build up your twitter contacts based on the keywords or your interest. The maximum number of users to follow a day is limited to 19. I would like to see an option to add more keywords in future.

Send direct messages to contacts. Yes this is another handy tool for broadcasting news to your contacts but keep in mind it can annoy your users easily so please use with caution.

Yes, auto reply is here, it can get real handy when you are away or simply you can use it to anyone uses the @reply command to reply to any of your tweets.

Scheduled tweets, now you can schedule your tweets for the future. But it could be a bit more useful if I can pick up the dates.

Another very useful feature but currently allows twit the post from only one feed. twitterfeed is giving more options to twit from RSS feeds and  why not integrate them in TweetManager.

Yes now you can assign a secondary twitter account and manage it from TweetManager.

Make a use of this web application today  cause I think it’s pretty savvy. As long you have a twitter account you don’t even need to sign-up. In case if you are interested you can follow my tweets too.

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