– one click solution for publishing to all your social networks

I’ve always wanted to publish my blog or twitter posts to all the social networks where blogging and status updates available but sadly until this time there was no tool to do that job until now…. made the revolution of one click publishing to the social networks which enables you to post status updates, micro-blogging and blogging to multiple social networks at the same time. It’s already supporting a wide range of social networks, micro blogging engines and status updates services. is a centralized location to publish and broadcast to all your social networking sites. That is not all.. they are supporting a variety of tools that can help you publish your broadcast through e-mail, instant messengers, google gadgets, facebook application and even via SMS text. Remember it’s not only an one click multiple social networks publishing engine but also a superb marking tool if you use it wisely. A few social networks to mention are myspace, facebook, friendster, tumblr, twitter, bebo, seesmic, linkedin, friendfeed, plaxo, livejournal,,, flickr, jaiku, delicious, hi5, multiply, yahoo 360. Lets take a look into a little bit more details.


  • Status updates to various social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook
  • Micro blogging updates to various networks such as Twitter, Tumblr
  • Blog to various networks such as Myspace, Friendster, Facebook
  • Exclusive selection of the type of updates to publish
  • twitter like publishing targets
  • Numerous sources for publishing your post such as email, facebook application and instant messengers
  • Expandable API options, you can create custom publishing systems using your own programming language
  • Location updates
  • Keeps a list of your recent posts
  • Record and post videos using a seesmic account and your webcam then post the video out though all your social networks

But hey don’t take my word for granted. Take a look at the screen shots below:

This is the dashboard of your operations

You can always do a selective posting for a specific network and it’s easy as using twitter

The social networks selection screen, most were not shown over this one because I’ve already added those networks into my profile, for example see the dashboard screen carefully.

Display of the last 25 posts posted via Note that it also includes the social networks Icons where it have been posted at.

Usage as a marketing tool:
We know that twitter already can be used to reach millions of people around the world. Let me give you one simple example. Lets say you have 500 friends at facebook, 300 friends at friendster, 1000 at myspace, 200 at bebo. These peoples might not know your latest post you wrote about your product or service. Now using you can reach all those people in one snap.

If you not yet signed up for a, please do as soon as you can. Trust me you wont regret that.

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