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There are literally uncountable websites around the world. How many sites you can suspect while there are few hundred thousand of sites to steal your identity, do phishing and harm your computer or even worse. You might say hey I have an Anti virus or personal firewall installed in my computer and I am secure. But in that case you’ve spend enough money to secure your computer. Nevertheless not every time an anti virus or firewall software can detect a fake or low privacy site. Previously I’ve tried to use SiteAdvisor from McAfee the popular anti virus maker and Internet Explorer’s Phishing site checker but honestly both of them didn’t really fit my expectations. Then recently I’ve introduced to WOT (Web of Trust) software from one of my online contacts. WOT is a Mozilla recommended security add-on that also works with Internet Explorer and has been downloaded 3 million times. WOT addon warns you about risky websites to help you avoid spyware, browser hijacking, identity theft, phishing and other Internet scams. WOT is a user contributed site checker and comes with a huge database of known sites. This software comes in a flavor of plugin for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the 2 most used browser on the globe. It represents the safety marks in a ring format. Dark green is most safe and Dark red represents no safety at all. The colors are designed in Human behavior so it takes a less than a second to understand it. As long we understand Red light is No Go and Green light is a Go. Lets take a look at the features this product offers for Free:

  • WOT have website rating information on over 21 million websites that is updated continuously by the user community and trusted sources such as listings of malware and phishing sites.
  • Instant automated site checking while browsing the web
  • Provide detailed accurate details about the site you are browsing
  • Allows registered users to rate a website
  • Keeps and displays site security scorecard details online such as Trustworthiness, Privacy rate, Vendor reliability and Child safety scores.
  • Registered users can comment on site profiles
  • Search your favorite site ratings via home page search option
  • Registered users are able to change and customize the behavior of the WOT software
  • Easy colored rings to instantly display the appropriate security rating of a website
  • Integrate with your search engine results display so immediately you get the security rating of a website. Results are shown on Google, Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, Wikipedia, digg and many other sites.
  • Customizable settings for Child Safety options
  • Dynamic and Static widgets for your website and blog to display the security score of your website
  • User Contributed Ratings for sites

Well this is not all of course. Lets take a look at real life screen shots of this product.

wot site scorecard
Displaying a site rating scorecard

wot site rating details
Displaying a site ratings popup

wot settings
Customization and setup options panel

wot search result red
Displaying risky sites in a search result

wot site warning
Displaying a popup while accessing a risky website

wot search result green
Displaying safe sites in the search result

Last but not least sign yourself up with WOT to enjoy maximum protection. At the same time you can share and contribute your ratings about websites and let the database grow. Get a WOT badge for your website or blog.

Ways to get in touch with WOT team and updates:
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