Livedrive updated – added 64 bit support and speed enhancement

Previously mentioned free and unlimited online file storage provider Livedrive just got updated. Livedrive provides you unlimited storage with a desktop application enables you to use the online storage as a hard drive for free.

Livedrive with significant improvements:

  • Windows software now supports all 64-bit versions of Windows including all Windows Vista editions
  • Speed of uploads and downloads is now much faster
  • Browsing your files on the web portal is much faster
  • It is now possible to pause uploads and downloads on the Windows client
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Livedrive is becoming seriously popular online storage service among others.

If you haven’t installed Livedrive yet simply download & Install the desktop software from and you’re good to go. You’ll get a new L: drive on your computer which is automatically synchronized to our servers. You can see your Livedrive files on the web by going to and entering your e-mail address and the password you chose when you signed up.