PizzaShare – Share your favorite pizza place and find other places

Yet another smart and simple example of Google Maps API mashup. Pizzashare allow people to share pizza places that they are passionate about as well as see what other pizza places others are really into. This is a user generated database of the best pizza places in America, so you can always find a great pizza place to go to. Yesterday I was talking about JungleThingy which is similar but little bit more different approach of using Google Maps API.

Pizzashare interface

The process is really simple, You type in the name and location of a pizza place you really like and think everybody should know about and then click the bubble then click share. The more people that share it the bigger the red dot gets therefore the more popular it is. If the place is not listed, you can help to add the place into the database and ask your friends to share that too.

Check out the site or check their blog for the latest news and happenings, since it is in a early alpha stage so your feedback and comments will be highly appreciated.