Tweleted – Recover deleted tweets – Good or Bad?


Have you ever wondered what if you are able to see the tweets that you’ve lost or deleted. Here is a twitter application that does the job for you. It is a powerful tool and it could be misused if it’s on the wrong hands.Tweleted compares the Twitter timeline of the person with the search results for the person to determine what tweets were deleted.

In essence, if you delete a tweet, it is still accessible via Twitter Search!! Tweleted scans the last 1000 tweets to determine what was deleted.

Tweleted claims to useful scenarios where you can use this personally (known as Good mode):

  • Recover accidentally deleted Twitter messages
  • Find the tweets you’ve lost

Is has an “evil mode” where it believes Tweleted is for:

  • Recover embarrassing deleted tweets for fun and profit
  • Instant drama generator

The risky part of this tool is, you can actually see deleted tweets from other peoples twitter account. For example it can be used by the employers to find out any sensitive topics written and deleted by a employee.