Doorfly interesting concept for the home buyers to find real estate agents

Usually in US when people want to relocate or want to by a new house they head over Now that is not the end of the story, they need to find a real estate agent who is really trustworthy and dependable. Who will help them to look out for the new home, secure the best possible deals and continue with the process till the end. But it’s not that easy to find a real estate agent who fit their needs. came into the picture to help out people to find best agents according to their needs. Rather than calling up so many agents, Doorfly lets you find your agent who fits in their criteria. Convenient huh!When a buyer signed up at Doorfly they will be asked to fill up details like where they wanna live, desired home features/utilities, how much they are willing to pay and more. This will be posted on the site for the real estate agents to read and contact the person who wants to buy a house accordingly. These real estate agents are already the member of the site, they can also sign up like any other persons. In fact Doorfly acts similar to a agents directory too.

doorfly agent directory
Image: The agents directory

Now what makes Doorfly really “Stands out of the crowd”? The real estate agents can offer an incentive rebate from their commission at closing to finalize the deal. Yes thats an awesome way to save up some money from the buyers point of view. The percentage of the incentive can run from 5% to 20% from an agents total fee.

doorfly 003
Image: The auctions made by the agents

How does it really work?

  • Home buyers tell motivated real estate agents their home buying needs, such as location, estimated price, and desired home features.
  • Real estate agents then “sell” themselves, by showcasing their knowledge, experience and expertise AND offer an incentive rebate from their commission at closing.
  • Home buyers compare the offerings and choose an agent that best fits their needs. The end result – a qualified agent and some extra cash in the home buyer’s pocket.

Doorfly is still very new and they aren’t covering the whole of united states yet but it seems to me it could be a great comfort for the home buyers. Signup is free and it takes barely 2 minutes to sign yourself up. Have a look at it yourself? You should.. Just head over to Want to communicate or simply want to know more tips about home buying, don’t forget to check out their blog. It’s pretty informative.

Feel free to share your comments and thoughts it might help the application developers to make their application more stable, secure and useful.