Photovisi have fun making your own Collage photo wallpapers

Photovisi is a web application that allows you to make your own collage photo wallpapers out of your photos and images. It’s a pretty straight forward application, just select a layout and upload the photos. Once you are satisfied, continue to download the wallpaper in your desired (currently 3 screens supported)screen format.Photovisi comes with a few preset layouts that you can choose from. The steps are simple and easy. No need to signup to the site.


What I’ve found useful

  • Easy and simple steps
  • Slick and simple interface
  • On the fly cropping of images
  • Import from Flickr
  • Sort the image list
  • Replace any image on the list

Photo manage options

What I would love to see

  • Custom layout options
  • Save and restore layouts and wallpapers (I know this one requires user sign-up)
  • More wide screen resolutions support for the generated wallpapers

Image preview before download

It’s fun and really easy to use. Why not try by yourself. It doesn’t cost a cent.

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