AlternativeTo – Lets you find better alternative applications for your OS


AlternativeTo lets you Find better Windows, Mac, Linux and online applications. It is a new approach to finding good software. Select what application you want to replace and they will give you suggestions on great alternatives! Instead of listing thousands of more or less crappy applications in a category, they make each application into a category. It’s more like a forever evolving blog posts about good alternatives to the software that you’re not satisfied with. And the “blog posts” are generated by you through suggestions, comments and votes.AlternativeTo interface is simple and easy to use. Just select the application and you will be presented with a list and rating of Alternative applications for it. Beside that it’s pretty interesting to see the twitter stream about the selected application.

What I like about the site:

  • Clean and simple presentation
  • Easy navigation
  • Application Tags (Yeah it’s web 2.0)
  • Plain listing with ratings
  • Link to downloads/site
  • Web/Online applications listing

Take a look below to see some of the elements

Each alternative application includes ratings, likes, comments, twitter stream and new application suggestion options.

Check out AlternativeTo today, it’s free and doesn’t require registration. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the site