– Upload your high quality images and get a zoomable widget


ClosR, the simplest way to share and zoom your images.

Simple, easy and fast solution to help you in solving the common task of displaying images on the internet, more over if they are big images.Even though ClosR looks very similar to the product from Microsoft Labs PhotoZoom, yes I’ve written about it before. But Microsoft PhotoZoom uses silverlight instead of flash. Both of these products comes with high quality image streaming. Actually I meant when you zoom to a specific area, it streams that certain area, rather than downloading the whole image. Here are some shots of the product:

This is the standard view of the large high quality photo

This is a zoomed area of the high quality photo

Widget sharing options including Embed codes


Since it’s free, why not try by yourself and give us some feedback about the product. If you sign-up (free) then you can manage your images and widgets too.