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Everyday millions of users reaching each other using Twitter. It’s today, it’s trend and it’s now. Even for micro-blogging, users might want to share photos and videos included into their twitter posts. Now there is few other services that allows users to upload a photo to a site like TwitPic and create a short url for them to include it in their twitter posts. But how do you add a video, or upload a video and create a short url for it? Finally it’s possible via Twiddeo, they enables users to upload, capture or send video from their mobile phone and tweet about it together. Now thats something I wanted to see for a long long time. Twiddeo was first created as a proof-of-concept mash-up between the Twitter API and vSocial’s Social Media API. After receiving some great feedback from our users, they decided that it would be worthwhile to redevelop the UI, integrate some new features and really make it look spiffy.

The Problem:

  • Twitter post is limited to 160 characters, so it’s difficult to post a long link to a video. Only possible way to do it is to upload the video to any video hosting site such as YouTube and shorten the video direct link and paste it to twitter. A kind of hassle it is.
  • Twitter post only can contain simple links and text

The Twiddeo Approach:

  • Use your current twitter username and passwords to login to the site
  • Upload a video straight from your computer and tweet about it right from the Twiddeo site or
  • Record directly via your webcam and tweet about it or
  • Send an email from your phone including the video and Twiddeo will process and post it as a video and use the email subject as the tweet text
  • It automatically creates a short direct link for the video
  • It uses own flash video player
  • Enables you to embed the video with the player anywhere
  • Social sharing tools integrated
  • Comments on the video

Under the hood (Powered By):

Future Expectations:

  • I would love to see more video formats support
  • Interface and usability improvement or re organization
  • Make the short link shorter
  • More player features

Now lets take a look inside the site:

upload video
Standard Video upload Interface, Max 113 chars for twittering and rest is for the video link

twiddeo public timeline view
Public Timeline view of the uploaded videos

The vSocial media player interface

Video sharing, Embed, Linking and Comments options


Twiddeo is still in early beta stage, please provide feedback to them and help them improve this handy little tool. I can see a lot of potentials for this application. I’ve just send and email with a video and it took few minutes to make the video encoded and tweeted you can see the video here. Why not give it a try by yourself? All you need is a twitter username and password. If you like to post your feedback via twitter you can add them into twitter too.

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