WebKlipper allows you to annotate any website and share it easily


There are times when you really like to comment on pieces of information from a web site. Usually what we do is copy and paste certain part of that website and email that to our friends or share with others. Having said that; it doesn’t solve all the issues of missing images and formatting problems. Then there came WebKlipper. Personally I found it the most easiest way of sharing interesting parts of websites. Lets take a look inside shall we.. 🙂

What is WebKlipper?

  • WebKlipper is a highlighting tool for webpages. You can highlight sections of webpages on the internet. Your highlights gets saved with WebKlipper and you get a permanent URL to the same webpage. Once someone visits that URL, he/she gets to see you highlighted sections on the page.
  • You can modify your highlights any point in time. Once you do so, visors of your URL will start seeing your latest version of the modified webpage. What’s cools is that you can add comments on the page too. You can position the comment wherever you wish on the page. These get saved too; which means visors to your URL will get to see your comments on the page. Like highlights, you can modify the positioning and contents of your comments anytime.
  • Other than highlighting and commenting you can also extract content from any webpage using WebKlipper. This means that you can literally pull out anything from any webpage using WebKlipper. Once you do so, WebKlipper will generate a unique URL for the extracted content. You can share this URL with your friends. Once they visit the URL, they just get to see what you have extracted (minus all the clutter in the original webpage)

Now that’s something! I know about Posterous (In somewhat extent) and Amplify almost does the similar things but WebKlipper goes into another level of annotating a website itself.

What Made the Difference?

  • Able to share the clipped/commented website or extracted contents of the website with unique URL and
  • Notify the readers about the changes on clipped comments or websites

A sample annotated page:

webklipper sample

WebKlipper Sample with Bar

The Basics of WebKlipper:

  1. Get the extentions for your Browser or Enter the URL of the site you want to clip/comment/extract .. from WebKlipper site!
  2. Go to a website you want to clip a comment or extract and use the browser WebKlipper toolbar. Alternatively there will be a toolbar if you go to a site using WebKlipper website.
  3. Choose appropriate operations from the blue bar at the bottom of your screen
  4. You can easily check and change all your clips from MyKlips panel

WebKlipper has widgets which you can easily integrate on your blog or web site.

Getting started with WebKlipper is very simple and it doesn’t even require an account! Here is a Sample page where you can see a comment with WebKlipper. I would recommend you to try it out!

What I would Like to See in WebKlipper:

  • Involve the social science..
  • Automatic posting with Posterous, amplify, facebook, twitter and even ping.fm
  • I couldn’t make the comments dialog change position with Chrome … maybe a system glitch?

Don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments!

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