Facebook Credit reload gets simpler with MOLPoints Facebook Application

MOLPoints Facebook Application

Beginning of last July (8th July 2010), Facebook and MOL (Money Online) came into a strategic partnership. Malaysian company MOL (Money Online) to sell credits at retail outlets across Asia for the first time. Electronic payments company MOL (Who purchased Friendster.com) offer the online currency from Aug. 1 at more than 500,000 locations in five Southeast Asian countries, India, Australia and New Zealand. The move is targeting people who don’t have a credit card, particularly younger Facebook users, and those who don’t want to make payments online. Consumers will be able to buy credits for Facebook’s applications, including such popular games as Mob Wars and Farmville, without credit cards.

MOL now implemented their which enables reloading Facebook credits and with simpler approach.  Facebook Application works as a bridge between Facebook Credits and the End user as well as an Independent entity.

MOLPoints Facebook Application Reload

MOLPoints Facebook application provides simple approach to reload credits via local online banking, PayPal and physical payment channels such as 7-Eleven, Western Union etc. The Facebook credit reload process is fairly simple. Just reload value to your MOLPoints wallet (Facebook application) and use the wallet to convert/transfer credits to your Facebook account.

MOLPoints Facebook Application Reload Channels
Currently available reload channels.


MOL has also partnership with PayPal and released their new MOL-PayPal Visa digital card which can be reloaded via many physical channels in many countries. MOL-PayPal card can be used to verify a PayPal account and transfer money into the PayPal account. This dramatically increases the usage of PayPal in Asian region and enabled thousands of people who doesn’t carry a credit card. MOL-PayPal digital card could be used to reload MOLPoints and Facebook Credits too. Beside all that it comes with hassle free online shopping, Gaming rewards and exclusive shopping deals.

MOL PayPal Digital Card 

In conjunction with the MOLPoints Facebook application and the MOL-PayPal digital card,  MOL and Facebook enabled the reach to million young users who can’t have a credit card to reload their credits and points. MOL-PayPal digital card is available at 7-Eleven stores for maximum convenience. Eventually this will make online gaming more accessible to many more millions of youngsters worldwide.

More details of MOLPoints can be found at MOL Corporate site.

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