The Complete Timeline Of Social Networks, 1960-2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even though “social network” has became a trending topic in our daily life, it was there since the very beginning of computing. The form of information exchange maybe different, but end result was pretty much the same.  The trivial changes in these information exchange had happened during the era of 70’s, but during the late 90’s they changed in some revolutionary ways.

Early 21st century, it molded to the major form of “social networking”. Several sites were pioneer during this era, namely; Friendster, myspace and linkedin. Latter followed by Facebook at 2004, twitter during 2006 and Google+ at about 2011-2012.

Here is  a detailed history of social network and it’s timeline in an infographic. From 1960 till 2012.

This infogrpahic was originally made at MediaBistro, and put over here mainly for sharing purpose.