The History of HeadPhones

History of Headphones (1919-2012) [Infographic]

The History of HeadPhones

Did you know that in the first years of creation, a headphones weighed up to 3 pounds? A headphone is now an everyday part of our digital life. Do you know how KOSS swept the 70’s.

Headphones are a great way for a person to be able to enjoy their favorite music at high quality without bothering the people around them. Regardless of popular belief, headphones are not all created equal and although they may be pricey, a good pair of stereo headphones is worth it for the long run.

It is a really bad idea to use headphones while driving or riding a bike (in any other instance in which one must be able to hear clearly with both ears). Because it does disconnect your hearing from any other sound sources.

It has often been said that stereo are bad for the ears and can cause deafness. In reality, it is all about the volume you set at and the manner in which they are used. Excessive use of any good thing can turn to bad results.

Now here is one interesting infographic (Made by about the history of the headphone.

The History of Headphones