A Breakdown of the Important Data Categories in Employee Monitoring Software

As we have been shown a hundred times already in spying software advertisements, computer monitoring software are used to observe and see the minute changes done to a PC unit by a user for a specific period of time. In a corporate setting, this relates to actively monitoring your employees to see if they are actually doing their jobs correctly.

But, upon installing the tracking software, what exactly are the things that we need to monitor? What are the types of usage data that we need in order to properly configure the employee monitoring software? In this article we’ll give a short breakdown of the most important data categories that you need put your attention on when configuring your computer monitoring software.


File and Overall System Usage

Which are the files that were accessed during that day? How did the employee change some of the settings of the computer? Did the system suffer from any performance issues due to the transfer and use of suspicious files? Were the files opened for that day related to the task given to that employee?

Most of the questions that need to be answered in this category simply pertain to how the data within the hard drive was changed or altered. Though this data category does NOT let you know how the computer was technically used, it could help you obtain hints on what the user was planning to do with the unit.


Software Installation

Changes that happen within a computer unit are not only caused by system changes or data transfers. Installed software also make up a considerable part of the system edits that happen inside the computer. It is important that we put a specific emphasis in using this data category in a PC monitoring software program because this category lets us see how the files were accessed in the unit. For instance, we could easily determine the file type of a specific bulk of data by knowing the associated software that the user has installed to open those files.


Opened Applications and Programs

Aside from getting a firm grasp of the software and applications installed on the unit, it’s also important that we know how the program was actually used. There are three general types of data that is needed to fill this data category. First is the length of time that the application was continuously left open. Second is the general usage of the program’s functions, or how efficiently the program was used. Finally, the number of software that were simultaneously opened and used is also taken into account.


Web Browser Usage

Considered as the most important data category nowadays, the web browser usage, as the name obviously implies, is how the employee browsed the internet using that unit. Since the internet can literally spew out almost any kind of information, it is important that we know how they generally make use of it, and if their usage is somehow helping them gain productivity. The importance of the web browser usage data category is so high, that it is in fact usually laden with more editing options in the spying software than any other data category.


Knowing the important data categories in computer monitoring software helps us get a better grasp on the best configuration that we would need for an office network. Not only does it strengthen our tracking setup, but we also save a considerable amount of time since we already know what we should be directly observing.


AuthorAuthor Bio : Jane Andrew is the author of PC monitoring and cell phone tracking technology. She provides tips, tricks and news about mobile apps. You can also follow her on Twitter @ to get the latest tips about cell phone technology.