How to Burn a DMG File [Windows]

The DMG file format is a proprietary disc image format developed by Apple that is commonly used on the Mac OS X operating system. The DMG format is very versatile and allows for the image to be password protected and compressed facilitating easy distribution on public networks without violating software licenses.

Because the software is native to the Mac OS it is easy to burn this format on the native OS but for users on the Windows platform this is not so, and there are very few free programs that will support burning DMG files. Here we will discuss how to burn a DMG file using the Windows OS.


  1. If your file is a disc image with no password you can convert it to ISO using free tools or extract the contents. One free tool is DMG2IMG which is the successor to DMG2ISO which will allow you to convert your DMG to another format which can be burned by Windows software. Unfortunately this tool is only available to be run from the command line (CLI) and has no Graphical User Interface (GUI) that would provide easy use. The user would have to read the instructions on the website and possibly have experience with using the CLI in order to use this tool.
  2. The next free tool is 7-Zip which is a free archiving utility that supports the DMG image format. Using this program is easier than using the previous program as it has a GUI, but the process will not convert from DMG to another format instead it will extract the files and you will have to re-compile the image to a disc using your burning software.
  3. If you purchase software such as PowerISO or ISOBuster you will be able to burn the ISO files directly through the program. As with the other programs listed you may acquire all programs online including the paid ones and usually the installation will associate the program with the various file formats.
  4. Once you’ve decided on a program in the paid category you can either double-click on the DMG file or open the program and then open the image file from within the program. Once opened you simply click the button to start the burn process, insert the appropriate media in the drive and wait on the burn process to be completed.


  • It may be better to purchase a program rather than using a free one if you find yourself using DMG files on a regular basis.
  • If you are only working with DMG files on rare occasions, it may be better to use the free solutions to avoid wasting money to purchase a program that you may never use again.
  • Always try to burn your disc at the slowest speed available to ensure that the data will be readable in most of the drives on the market; burning at a fast speed sometimes makes the disc unreadable in some players.
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