Hardware Showdown - The IPhone 5s Versus The Galaxy Note 3

Hardware Showdown – The iPhone 5s Versus The Galaxy Note 3

Hardware Showdown - The IPhone 5s Versus The Galaxy Note 3

When it comes to buying a new smartphone there is really one major choice that we all must face: Android or iPhone? This is a decision that will ultimately define the experience you have – the devices you can choose from, the apps you can download and the interface you’ll be greeted with every time you switch on your phone.

But if you want to get the very latest, most high-end and top performing device then really the choice comes down to two particular phones: the Galaxy Note 3 or the iPhone 5s. These are the most powerful phones in each camp and represent the best of what those phones have to offer. So the question is, which is the better device? Which options offers the most power and the most bang for your buck in the current state of the market?



In terms of performance these are two very powerful devices. The iPhone 5s has received a lot of attention for its new x86 processor for instance, which gives it some of the best performance out there (though some argue whether it was really necessary for a smartphone to switch to 64bit). On the other hand though, the Note 3 is no slouch and comes with 3GB of RAM – a first for a smartphone and just what it needs to handle some pretty impressive multitasking.

But looking at numbers alone never quite gives you the full picture when it comes to performance, so the question is which device feels quicker and which is capable of more. And the answer? It’s something of a drawer. While the Note 3 is capable of recording 4K video (which is something of a first for smartphones and really rather impressive), mostly you’re going to be using these devices for web browsing and light gaming – for which there’s hardly any noticeable difference. iOS might have once been slightly more responsive than Android, but this isn’t really an issue any more with later versions of the latter mobile OS and the new animations that come with iOS 7 actually make it feel a little slower for jumping in and out of apps… Ultimately you aren’t going to notice much of a difference either way.

Where there is a little difference though of course is in the beautiful display of the Note 3. A full HD 5.3” display is absolutely amazing for viewing videos and to go with that you also get a superior battery that can more than last for a day’s normal-to-heavy use.

‘Features’ (Gimmicks)

'Features' (Gimmicks)

If you’re the kind of person who loves to be able to show off the neat things your phone can do – only to then never really use them again – then both these devices have you covered. The iPhone 5s of course comes with the very exciting finger print scanner on its home button, which feels very James-Bond to use and makes signing in quicker and easier than ever. That said, using the scanner to buy apps isn’t quite as intuitive as you’d think it might be seeing as you still have to use your PIN for the ‘first purchase of the day’ – and most of us only buy one app at a time anyway. And we’ve all heard of people passing out and inadvertently giving their friends access to their devices via their limp hand…

The Note 3 meanwhile comes absolutely packed with features and gimmicks – from the actually-quite-useful-for-taking-notes stylus to the completely silly features that allow you to scroll the screen by looking up and down or swipe through photos by waving your hand in front of the lens. Multitasking is another that’s actually quite useful, but only certain types of users are really likely to take full advantage of it.

So then, if you completely ignore the operating systems that these two devices are running, you’re left with two great pieces of hardware. Overall though the Galaxy Note 3 just inches ahead with more battery life, more features and an amazing large screen – though of course those features won’t be for everyone.

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