Smartphones Affect The Way We Live Now

Smartphones Affect The Way We Live Now

Smartphones Affect The Way We Live Now
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Every ten years a national survey is conducted into our Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. In these surveys 15,000 citizens are questioned and the results are collated to measure how we live now.

The results that were published this year suggest that modern technology, and yes that includes smartphones, is said to have a big impact.

No sex please, we’re on our smartphones…

The biggest conclusion they drew from the results was the decline in our sexual activity which is mostly blamed on modern technology with a sprinkling of modern life stresses such as job loss and money problems.

Basically taking the answers from those in the 16 – 44 age range – the most active group – frequency rates have gone down in the last ten years. (Ten years is the regularity of the survey.) The frequency of sex in this age group had gone down from just over 6 times a month which was registered in the last two ten year polls to just under 5 times.

There was also an implication that online porn may be having a detrimental affect on our sex lives too.

We can’t be parted from our smartphones

Not only is our dependence on our smartphones affecting our sex lives but apparently we can’t bear to be parted from them at any time.

Another survey published earlier this year found that about 75% of us use our smartphone in the bathroom when we are using the toilet. Men even take to sitting down so that they have both hands free! About half of us also take our smartphones with us when we have a bath.

What do we do while we have the phone with us in the smallest room? Almost 60% send texts; 45% write and send emails and a third have taken calls whilst on the loo and a quarter have made call in the same situation.

Is nothing is sacred?

Whoops it’s in the water

On more practical matters you probably won’t be surprised to know that 15% of those questioned had dropped their phones into water whilst in the bathroom.

An O2 spokesman says it’s because we’ve all become multi-taskers. It isn’t unusual for users to be on social media sites whilst watching the TV for instance so these results come as no real surprise.

The 2000 people surveyed were asked why they felt the need to use their smartphones in the bathroom; 12% said they felt pressured to check messages and emails and ‘stay on top of things’. Another 30% suggested it was out of boredom or making sure they weren’t bored.

Wwhatever happened to ‘down- or chill-out time’?

Make sure you’re covered

If these surveys are anything to go by or our own observations when we are out count, our mobile devices are certainly taking over our lives. If your smartphone is so important to your life, best make sure it’s is always available by ensuring you have adequate iPhone insurance.

That way even in worst case scenarios when something goes wrong, you won’t have to be without yours for long.

By Harry Price

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