How to – Use Siri in MacOS Sierra to go Hands Free

Siri is the landmark new feature in macOS Sierra, but unfortunately you have to click the icon or a keyboard shortcut in order to talk to your computer. Since “Hey Siri” is one of the best features on iOS, this is a bummer. Good thing you can hack it into your Mac too.

Aside from Siri, your Mac has a dictation function, and with that, you can set up a hot word that’ll invoke Siri hands-free. Despite being a bit hacked together, it works surprisingly well.

Watch the video from the Author Joshua Campbell Who posted it to Reddit First

Read below to get it working on your Sierra installation:

Step 1: Launch System Preferences

Step 2: Head to Accessibility –> Dictation

Step 3: Check off Enable the dictation keyword phrase

Step 4: In the field directly below, replace any of the current text with simply ‘Hey’

Step 5: Select Dictation Commands

Step 6: Check off Enable advanced commands

Step 7: Hit the to add a new command

Step 8: Change everything to match the following details

  • When I say: Siri
  • While using: Any Application 
  • Perform: Open “”
  • Under the Perform option, select Open Finder Items… and select to open Siri found inside your Applications folder

Step 9: Select Done

Step 10: Check off Enable the dictation keyword phrase in the Dictation preference pane

Step 11: Insert ‘Hey’ into the field directly below

Now whenever you’d like to call up Siri, regardless of your configured keyboard shortcut, you can simply say “Hey Siri.”

Adding ‘Hey’ into the dictation keyword phrase field is what initiates the Dictation tool to begin listening to a future command. Adding ‘Siri’ to the When I say field links that as a command to be followed by the Dictation tool. If you find yourself accidentally activating other Hey Siri devices nearby, you could try switching the commands around to something like “Okay Siri” or “Hello Siri.” If after enabling everything you find it’s not working, try disabling Siri and the dictation keyword phrase, and then re-enabling them.

Via Reddit