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WeeSchool is the only free, all-in-one baby development and parenting app that tracks developmental progress, offers more than 1,400 activities to meet your every need, and features baby-appropriate media for you to share with your wee one.

Your baby’s brain is growing like crazy, and you’re his or her very first teacher! You’re a new parent with questions – what to do, when to do it, why it matters, and is my baby on track? The WeeSchool app reduces new-parent stress, helps you understand what to expect, gives your baby or toddler a super head start and gives you loads of ideas for playful time together.

It’s an ad-free, all-in-one toolkit from Julie Clark, the creator of Baby Einstein®.

With the app you can:
• Track research-based baby milestones to reduce uncertainty;
• Share baby-friendly music, word cards, e-books and educational videos that your kiddo will love;
• Access two types of activities – daily DIY activities that use household items, or curriculum-based activities that develop 102 key concepts for preschool readiness;
• Scrapbook and share precious photos and video clips; and
• Eliminate toy clutter with money-saving shopping tips for essential toys and books

Just download the app for free — and explore! After downloading, you’ll receive a stream of emails that guide you through the various features and content of the app.

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