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Gem Tower Defense is more different from the usual TD games. Its map is more open and its operations are more free. What you need to do is constantly to plan and build an ingenious maze to stop the monsters’ steps and destroy them. It is also neccessary to plan your firing point. Try various collocations of Gem, max your attacking power and defense your Base.

Before each wave of monsters, you would get five random gems. You can only keep one down, while the others would change to rocks. Every choice is crucial, for it will play an influence on your development. This need strategy, wisdom and luck.

There would be a wave of air units every 4 waves. Maze cannot change the preset route of air units. Becareful of your air defense force.

The extrem tests from bosses are inevitable. You need balance your massive and single attacking powers. The bosses are examiners of your maze in different stages. Victory or failed, come to challange!


1. More open and huge maps;

2. Waves of monsters and bosses;

3. 48 types of basic Gems, 13 receips to combine;

4. 37 types of special Gems waiting for you to place and arrange;

5. Various exclusive abilities designed for the gems;

6. Special gem elite system;

7. Rich randomness brings unique game experience.

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By lei liu

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