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For more than 60 years, Becker has offered the most comprehensive up-to-date study and coaching system to prepare for the CPA Exam. We combine powerful practice tools with expert instructors for rigorous preparation every step of the way.

No two people learn exactly the same way. That’s why our proprietary Adapt2U Technology makes learning more personal – and more dynamic.

With Becker’s CPA Exam Review app, you can study at your own pace no matter where you are or when you want to study. You’ll have online and offline access to the course lectures, MCQs and digital flashcards through the mobile app. Another plus is that all course progress will be automatically synchronized across all your devices.

Fully integrated course materials include:
• Up to 275+ hours of audio/video lectures
• More than 7,000 multiple choice questions
• More than 400 task-based simulations
• 1,300+ digital flashcards
• Unlimited practice tests
• Adapt2U Adaptive Learning Technology
• Three simulated exams per section that mirror the CPA Exam
• Comprehensive Printed textbooks + Annotated digital textbook
• Modularized content
• Interactive study planner

Are you also looking to play and learn? Download Becker’s Accounting for Empires game available on the app store to conquer the upcoming CPA Exam. Play with others as you grow your empire while completing quizzes to gain resources and knowledge.

By Becker Professional Development Corporation

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